A better way of starting the chair sock;

Instead of making a slip knot, just loop the yarn around the bottom cable, then start figure 8 cast on with double strand of yarn. Increase by purling and knitting into each stitch across the needle and when you flip over to work the other circ, the loop can be knitted to become an increased stitch for the next st, then just do knit/purl into the remain 2 sts. 


Sketchy Pattern

Chair sock; starting from the centre of the bottom working outward then upward until long enough. If using worsted weight and 6mm needles, it will make a sock that will fit a leg with a 3.5 to 4″ circumference. 

With a tail a half wingspan in length and yarn double stranded, figure 8 cast on 3 stitches onto each of 2 circs; winding around the top tip then bottom cable of other circ. Never turn work, always knit from the stocking net side, knit across the 3 sts. on the top needle (doesn’t matter if the sts. twist as it’ll make the sock stronger. This depends on the direction you wound the wool around the needle when casting on). 

Using the tail and the working yarn, knit across 3 stitches on other needle (you would have flipped the work 180 degrees) repeat on other needle. Next round, knitting with 4 strands of yarn, increase to 6 sts. on each needle by knitting into 2 strands of yarn across. 12 sts. total. Continue knitting with 4 strands of yarn until you run out of tail. Continue knitting with 2 strands, 6 sts. on each needle, until sock is at least 2″ in length. Purl cast off loosely or with a 8mm needle. When there’s 2 sts. remaining on righthand needle, cut yarn, cast off st and pull the last st. through. Using a crochet hook, join to the first cast off st. then pull tail through the st. so the cast off round looks like a continuous chain. Pull tail to the inside. Make 3 more unless you have a 3 legged chair, then 2 more. 

Now, don’t you wish you waited for the video? Let me know if you made any sense of this.